Food4All is an online food ordering portal with the idea to allow you to make orders online from your favorite food outlets without the hassle of calling them or trying to explain yourself over the phone. Food4All is a platform to connect you with your local takeaway or restaurant, offering fast and affordable food. Look out for exclusive offers on our website for food4all customers. How it works?
1. Simply enter your full postcode
2. We will provide you with takeaways/restaurants which can delivery to your door or from which you can collect from.
3. Select a takeaway/restaurant
4. You will be redirected to the takeaway/restaurants personal website in which you can place your order, and pay either by cash or card, and get food delivered or ask for collection.

How much does it cost?
Using Food4All to access your local takeaway/restaurant is completely free. We charge no fee to the customers. You should keep an eye out for some offers exclusive to website users. Why would I order from a takeaway online?
1. You don’t need to collect any takeaway menus since we are 24/7 online.
2. You order what you see and we send your order in writing. Therefore, little chance for mistakes due to misunderstanding, which frequently happens when you order over the phone.