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Fighting Malaria

Malaria is a disease that’s easily preventable and completely curable. In the U.K. we’ve wiped out malaria, but in Southern Africa thousands are still suffering.

In 2017, we joined the fight against malaria. Our commitment was simple then and it remains the same now; we will raise money to help fund spraying projects in Mozambique, where our PERi-PERi chilli is from. The spray teams go from home to home, coating the walls in a non-toxic insecticide that protects the family from malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Together, we can help put a stop to malaria for good. Here's how you can help:

Victoria Grill Limited
Edition Sauce Pack

Loaded with six sauces in a variety of spice, this gift doesn’t just look good, it does good too. For just £15, you can help protect a family of five for a whole year from malaria while getting your PERi-PERi fix. Perfect as a standalone gift or stocking stuffer for the sauce fan in your life. Only available in the UK.

Latia is a ray of sunshine and proud anti-malaria sprayer in her local community. Her children have had malaria twice in the past, but since the spray program started four years ago, there hasn’t been one reported case in her local area

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